Happy Clients


"I met Jeannie on a whim, stopping by a listing on the waterfront in Oakland on the way home from lunch. Jeannie was super nice, thoughtful, and patient with me as I worked through the process of buying a home.  I am very meticulous, and that can be a challenge for any agent.  I can say with certainty that the stop by that day was life changing, as I now live in my beautiful townhome on the waterfront. I wouldn't hesitate to reach out to Jeannie in the future.”

— Keith B.

“Jeannie was awesome to work with. I was in a situation where I wasn't in the city but sold my place. Jeannie handled everything with her smarts and technology. We did just about everything online and she took care of all the details - working with the HOA, staging the place, the photography and brochures and more. My place sold quickly while another unit of the same size in the building is still listed for sale. That is the bottom line.”

— Jim C.

" Working with Jeannie made the complex and stressful process of home buying so much easier! She was a great coach and friend throughout the entire process. We recommend her to all our friends and everyone feels the same!

We were so grateful for all the support Jeannie provided to us. She has great knowledge of the SF homes and helped us get our dream home faster then we ever expected!"


“I had such a great experience working with Jeannie selling my condo.”

— Tan A.

"As first time home buyers my wife and I felt very fortunate to have someone like Jeannie working for us. With her level of knowledge and expertise, she knew exactly what the sellers were looking for in an offer, which helped us set our expectations and position our offer to be accepted. We always felt Jeannie was upfront and honest with us, never trying to sell us on something we weren't interested in. She was always flexible with her time and extremely patient while guiding us through the process of buying our first home. We couldn't be happier with how the process worked out and would definitely recommend Jeannie to anyone else looking to buy a home."

— Mark & Michelle O.

"Jeannie Gant with Dot Real Estate helped my partner and I buy our dream home in Bernal Heights. This is the fifth time I've had to move and buy a new home. Unlike other past realtors, Jeannie got to know me and my family, first as friends and neighbors, second as clients. As Jeannie is quick to point out, she wants to create relationships with people, building mutual trust and respect. Jeannie made the process of buying a home remarkably fun and as stress-free as possible. I wish my past experience with home buying had been this positive, but you can be sure, if it comes time to sell and relocate, Jeannie will already have me as a client. Please look her up!"

— NICK J. 

"Our experience with Jeannie Gant is impressive. Jeannie took the time to get to know and understand us first, and what we were looking for in a house. She was attentive and a great communicator. She made home-buying, usually a painful process in San Francisco, a fun experience. She's focused and makes things happen. Three weeks later, we had our house, closing and all! We trust her and have already referred her to friends."


“Jeannie walked us through our first time buying a home. Even though I'm sure we were asking a lot of annoying questions, she was endlessly patient and armed us with a wealth of knowledge. We looked at multiples houses every weekend, and Jeannie was with us every step of the way, helping us to understand what we wanted and needed and how to get there. I was sure we would never find something in the city of San Francisco, but she knows the market, the lenders, other agents, and generally everyone in the process - she got us our dream, victorian-style home! A near-impossible feat. I can't recommend her enough. Her connections and expertise are critical for purchasing a home in SF. On top of all that she is professional, patient, and kind - truly a pleasure to work with.”

— Sue W.

“Jeannie is an absolute gem to work with. She has just the right blend of patience, determination, thoughtfulness, and serious knowledge of the market and industry. You feel like you're getting the best of the best when working with her.”

— Diana W.

"What can I say about home buying? It is an experience which can be exciting, confusing and scary all at once. However, I was very lucky to have an agent like Jeannie to hold my hand through the process. She is no ordinary real estate agent but more like a mentor and friend who will guide you to make the best home buying decision. Thanks to her, the experience of buying my first home was the best. Again when I needed to buy a home for my parents, Jeannie helped me find the right place considering all our needs and speculations. I would highly recommend Jeannie, she is the best in what she does."

— Deepti G.

"As a first-time buyer, I could not have found a better person to help me through the process. I had a list of things I thought I wanted (e.g. open loft, Victorian). Jeannie personally drove me around looking at exactly what I thought I wanted, listened to me when I realized those were actually not things I wanted and counseled me to help me figure out what I really wanted. Jeannie brought me to a brand new building, walked me through how this building fit my needs and helped me to choose the unit that would work for me. She even came with me to the title signing because I felt that I needed someone as emotional support, as well as answer the many questions I had. When you work with Jeannie, you have a realtor, but you really also have a new friend."

— Grace C.

"I contacted Jeannie Gant from a recommendation from our Mortgage broker. Jeannie was easy to work with and made the process seamless. She was helpful with her advice on locations to search for our home which would work for our lifestyle and budget. Through the process I feel like I made a friend and besides real estate she has a good eye for food. Unfortunately within a year we had to list that same house as we had to move for work, and Jeannie worked hard on the other end to help sell our house quickly! "

— Avani & Puneet D.

"Jeannie helped me find and buy my first home in San Francisco and I couldn't have asked for better. First, she found me the perfect home and then she helped me navigate a complex purchase situation. As a first timer, I would have bailed on it without her. Now it's time to buy in the East Bay and I'm definitely using her again."

— Jen R.